Isadora Ferrera

Care for a drink?


A self proclaimed paladin with an oath of vengeance against any who would threaten the lives of innocents that just want to live as they please. She must fight for the right to party.

Race: Orc
Height: 5’5"
Weight: 145lbs
Body type: Mezomorphic

STR: 15

A NEXUS strike team member, Isadora goes into battle with full plate, a Guardian’s Greataxe, and a Dragonbreath. She is always in the thick of it and will not relent. Her conviction manifests as holy power to help her smite her enemies and aid her allies.


Isadora is one who fought hard to get the life she loves, and will fight for others to do the same.

Born in Sao Paulo Brazil in 1992, she was raised on her parents coffee farm. She hated it, feeling stifled and trapped in a life of hard manual labor and family obligations. She dreamed of living in a metropolis with a lucrative career. When she was 16 she left home to go work and live independently. It was a rough start. Eventually she landed a job as a bartender and found her passion. Over time she saved enough cash to afford professional bartending courses and licenses. With that, she moved to Rio De Janero and started working at affluent hotels. She pursued her passion even further by competing in bartending competitions and gaining a reputation in the entertainment industry. At last she had the life she wanted. A glamorous life, the esteem of her colleagues, money to spare, and a beautiful beach side city to live in.

But it was not without its dangers. The gangs and riots in Rio are monumental and disastrous. The police are almost more of a danger to the people than the criminals. When these threats arose, Isadora would be out on the streets trying to put a stop to the offenders and protecting innocent bystanders.

While traveling to NYC for a bartending competition she encountered an Anomaly attacking a local mall and fought it off with the help of Annalise, Tabitha, and Doc and a flamethrower made of Bath and Bodyworks aerosol products and lighters. Afterwards she was introduced to the Nexus by Lucas and offered a position as a strike team member.

After a week of debate, she accepted and soon after was indoctrinated. She was offered an opportunity to improve herself by entering the Fractal and agreed. However she was not pleased with the results when she came out as an orc.

Isadora Ferrera

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