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I was just minding my own business...

It was a day like any other at a NYC mall. The food court was bustling, a small stage was being set up in the entryway, and shoppers meandered the boutiques. Suddenly there was a loud crash and screams. The stage and surrounding props had been ravaged and security was rushing to the aid of injured victims of an unknown adversary. Panic ignited as crowds realized the attack and a stampeding riot broke out. A few brave souls gravitated towards the activity and witnessed a creature made of shadow wreaking havoc. They quickly began to assist by ushering civilians toward emergency exits and finding weapons to defend with. With the locals cleared, they faced the beast alone armed with whatever they could collect from the downed security guards and makeshift aerosol flamethrowers. The beast was fierce and incredibly violent and gaining the upper hand. When the fighters thought they were nearly done for, a shining portal appeared and a figure in full armor with a glowing blade stepped out to engage the monster. With their combined efforts, the creature was finally slain. Unfortunately their savior was knocked unconscious and the group was left with many questions.

Afterwards, another portal appeared and a professionally dressed gentleman emerged. He began to congratulate them on their resourcefulness and fearlessness, and then offered them a job. He introduced them to Nexus, the interdimentional task force aimed at fighting off "anomalies" that threatened the lives of those across the multiverse. Their eyes had been opened to such a vast new reality, not one of them declined.


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